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This website is dedicated to researching the records of all those bearing the Torrington surname world-side. This extends from the earliest 16th century records in England to the latest births and marriages in every part of the English speaking world. The derivation of the surname is unknown but may be related to the towns of Torrington in Devon and Lincolnshire.

From the earliest records so far discovered (circa 1580, Meshaw, Devon, England) there appears to be three distinct Torrington family groups. These were located in North Devon, Lincolnshire and London but to-date no link between these families has been discovered. Maps illustrating the movement of these families within England and Wales over the centuries can be viewed on the Migration section of this website.

For those seeking a link to a Torrington family, either a direct ancestor or one linked through marriage, I am always pleased to see if I can provide information that may help. Whilst constructing "family trees" is not my primary goal, such "trees" have enabled me to illustrate to visitors to this website a brief picture of their family as known to me.

Those having Torrington ancestry are encouraged to share this knowledge of those ancestors using the Contact form on this web site and hopefully learn more about them from my own research. Those who assist in this way are able to become authorised users and to access directly much of the data recorded for their branch of the Torrington family. All data is protected by strict privacy rules which restrict each user to viewing only their own branch of the family ancestry.

Records available on this site

All references to the Torrington surname discovered in census returns world-side have been transcribed and are available to search and view on the Census section of this website. The countries currently available for searching include England & Wales, Scotland, Ireland, USA and Canada. Also included is the 1939 Household Schedule for England and Wales.

Full access to the public records of Birth, Marriage and Death indexes of all those with the Torrington surname in England & Wales between 1837 and 2010. Copies of certificates registering these events can be purchased on-line at the official UK government website.

Meshaw Church

1881 census map

Family Tree


1861 William Eliza Bedminster

Marriage Certificate